Welding wire


Welding wire

Where to buy welding wire in UAE ? Who is the best supplier of welding wire in UAE ? RSE FZE is a trusted and best supplier in the United Arab Emirates.   We distribute copper-coated manganese wires all over the country : Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, etc…For every industrial process, this item has been manufactured to provide maximum precision, quality and durability. Its ductility is excellent.  The demand for the supply of welding materials has been increasing lately, for example when it comes to arc welding. As you know, no two welding operations are the same. However, many companies out there tend to conduc their operations with similar filler metals to get to the results they want.

Filler metals are a main component of the welding process.  However there is a wide misconception that for a filler metal to be optimal, tensile strength is the main factor. That is not correct. In fact,  the American Welding Society (AWS), provides a list of determining classification  with regards to weld design, and we strongly suggest that you go through it.

Who is the biggest supplier of welding wire in UAE ? RSE FZE is known to be the high-quality welding wire suppliers all over the United Arab Emirates. It is important to understand that the welding process must be rightly conducted depending on the corresponding applications. We have lots of experience in the UAE market and have gained a brand name over the past years. Our welding wires serve the best for any industrial applications. We are not only the suppliers confined in Dubai, United Arab Emirates but also supply in the international market. We ensure to deliver custom choice products to our clientcopper-coated

Welding wire
ER 70S-6


RSE FZE Welding Wire

The main advantages of our welding wire  are high-quality copper plating, a stable diameter along the entire length, combined with a low content of harmful impurities, ensuring stable burning of the wire with minimal spatter, and high quality of the weld metal. Line winding provides a smooth supply of welding wire in the welding zone, eliminating its deformation and bends. 

It is not necessary to apply anti-spatter and you may minimize post-weld grinding and cleanup since the wire creates very little spatter. You can reallocate workers to other sections of your welding process where welders can assist enhance throughput by removing pre- and post-weld chores.

Product Details
  • Product Name: Welding wire 
  • Brand Name: RSE FZE 
  • Place of Manufacturing: Made in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Markets: Available in international markets and the United Arab Emirates 
  • Trusted Shipping to suppliers & customers
  • Guarantee and Warranty up to 1 year are provided by RSE FZE, UAE 
  • Fast and Contactless Delivery at your doorstep
  • Technical Assistance at your demand
  • Online Customer Services Available
  • Copper-plated welding wire  is used in shipbuilding, metalworking, and mechanical engineering GOST 2246-70: Sv08G2S AWS 5.18: ER70S-6
  • Copper-plated welding wire is used for semi-automatic welding of carbon and low-alloy steels in carbon dioxide or Ar + CO2 gas mixture
  • Welding processes using welding wire are commonly used across a range of industries including energy, aerospace, automotive, and construction amongst others. 

Arc radiation can damage the eyes and cause skin burns. An electric shock can be life-threatening. Take the necessary precautions during welding with welding wire. Do not tilt your head close to smoke or gas. Use special protective equipment for the eyes, ears, and body.


RSE FZE company sells products of the metallurgical industry and welding materials. Our company is the official representative of the RSE brand. RSE FZE, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates is striving to become the number 1 power solutions company in the Middle East region. It is one of the most successful companies in providing the best quality RSE Welding wires and dispatching them to domestic users all over UAE and also to foreign users. We have a separate Product Research & Development Department, with a lot of engineers and technicians who are involved in making innovative engineering products for our clients all over Dubai, UAE.

Our products are of excellent quality. All products of RSE Company are tested in independent certified laboratories with the subsequent registration of certificates and test reports. Today RSE products are in great demand among both small companies and large firms, many of which have become our regular customers. In order to meet the needs of our customers in a timely manner, we regularly update and expand our product range. The products of our company are widely used in power engineering, shipbuilding, oil, and gas industry. We pay much attention to the quality of the shipped blanks, as we are interested in constant cooperation. All products undergo strict quality control, it corresponds to GOST and TС.


RSE FZE has established itself as a reliable partner that offers the most favorable conditions for the supply of hardware. A great experience, a multi-faceted production potential, a constant search and use of new materials – all of this allows us not only to occupy stable positions in the ferrous metals market but also to constantly increase our market share. Being aware of customer needs, we provide services throughout the year. The company’s strategy is aimed at the further development of trade and industrial cooperation.

If you are looking for advanced quality power engineering products, RSE FZE, Dubai will be your top preference as we manufacture the best industrial equipment and its accessories based on your custom drawing using the finest raw materials from trusted suppliers.

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