The RSE FZE turbine rotor blade is the critical component of the gas turbine and the steam turbine. Turbine rotor blades are the key elements that transform the potential energy of the fluid into kinetic energy. Their total effectiveness, dependability, and lifespan are determined by their proportions and shape. The turbine rotor blade is also called “Buckets” in the turbine terminologies. Our company manufactures two types of turbine rotor blades: Moving Blades & Fixed Blades.

A tangential force produced by a turbine rotor blade, which is an aerofoil positioned radially in the rim of a turbine disc, turns the turbine rotor blades. The blades of a turbine disc are many. They are utilized in steam turbines and gas turbine engines as a result. High-velocity steam jets’ kinetic energy is captured by rotating rotor blades and transformed into mechanical work, which causes the turbine shaft to rotate.

With the development of tools, design, and manufacturing technology, these processes have seen a variety of various solutions over the years. To achieve optimal performance, safety, and results, there should be the best balance between depth of cut, feed, tool selection, RPM, and cutting forces. 


Benefits of RSE FZE Turbine Rotor Blade

RSE FZE Turbine Rotor Blades for Gas Turbines 

For Gas Turbines, RSE FZE, Dubai, UAE’s Turbine Rotor Blades usually act as a constraining aspect. The greatest temperature that the turbine rotor blades can withstand limits the cycle’s highest temperature, which happens at the conclusion of the combustion phase. According to our metallurgical considerations, it increases the thermal efficiency of the turbine. The RSE FZE Gas Turbine Rotor Blades are made up of superalloys and a variety of cooling techniques including boundary layer cooling, internal air channels,  and thermal radiation.

RSE FZE Turbine Rotor Blades for Steam Turbines 

In comparison to our gas turbine rotor blades, the RSE FZE, Dubai, UAE’s steam turbine rotor blades are not subjected to such high temperatures, as they must resist a two-phase fluid operation. When condensed water is blown against the turbine rotor blades, a high concentration of water droplets can quickly impact and erode the blades. To avoid this, for instance, condensate drains are provided in the steam piping heading to the turbine. The design of the turbine rotor blades is of the utmost priority and our engineers are experts in the designing phase.

  • Improving Turbine Efficiency
  • Increasing Reheat Temperature
  • Optimizing Reaction Degree
  • Reducing the gaps 

The turbine rotor blades are classified into three types: reaction, impulse, and impulse-reaction. Most turbine rotor blades are constructed of epoxy or polyester reinforced with fiberglass. As reinforcing materials, we may alternatively utilize carbon fiber or aramid. These days, research is being done into the potential applications of wood compounds like wood-epoxy or wood-fiber-epoxy. Horizontal Access Wind Turbines are known as “HAWTs.” When we think of wind energy, these are the kinds of wind turbine rotor blades that are often employed and that typically come to mind. On top of a tower that may be up to 120 meters tall, these turbines can feature two, but more frequently three, blades.

Product Specifications

Basis Details

  • Product Name: Turbine Rotor Blades
  • Brand Name: RSE FZE
  • Category: Parts & Accessories under Turbines
  • Machining: Customization provided in design, weight, diameter, etc.
  • Materials Used: Stainless Steel 
  • Coating: Bright Shining Surface

About the manufacturing company

  • Industries Sectors we are catering to Chemical, Steel Industry, Electric Motor Manufacturing, Construction, Energy, Power Generation, Aerospace  , and many more
  • Place of Manufacturing: Made in the United Arab Emirates
  • Markets: Available in Russia and the United Arab Emirates
  • Supplying Capabilities:  100 tons per month

Product Protection

  • Registered Trademark 
  • Guarantee and Warranty up to 1 year 
  • Refunds policies are available at RSE, the United Arab Emirates
  • Product Certifications
  • Inspections/Testing: Quality Control Testing, Chemical Analysis, Impact Test, Grain Structure, Hardness Test, Ultrasonic Testing 

Packaging & Delivery Details

  • Mode of Delivery: Express (FEDEX) / Air Freight / Ship Freight / a Third Party Agency recruited by our client
  • Estimated Delivery Time: Within a month (there will be changes according to the quantity)

Services Provided:

  • Trusted Shipping – We at RSE Dubai, also ensure fast and contactless delivery at your doorstep at the estimated time of delivery itself
  • Guarantee and Warranty are provided to all of our products
  • We always ensure that a FREE Installation will be provided at your site at your time of convenience
  • Repair & Maintenance Services are also made available at RSE, UAE
  • Technical Assistance at your demand
  • Online Customer Services Available


RSE, UAE is striving to become the number 1 power solutions company and the best-forging products supplier in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates. The RSE Turbine Rotor Blade is made up of alloy steel material. We allow the suppliers or customers to choose their customization regarding to the changes in the grade, size, and shape of this mechanical product. They can also order the turbine rotor blades in bulk by contacting us. We will be the best suppliers for your highest quality requirements at the best prices.
If you are looking for advanced quality power engineering products, RSE, Dubai will be your top preference as we manufacture the best industrial equipment and its accessories based on your custom drawing using the finest materials from our trusted suppliers.

Other Products

We RSE, Dubai, United Arab Emirates offer distinct ranges of shapes and sizes in our products according to the international specifications. We also forge it according to your customized-tailored requirements.

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