The RSE FZE Slide Bearing is the main component that is used in industrial applications to support the shaft by a sliding surface, resulting in a friction movement caused due to oil and water. This product – Slide bearing has a wide variety of uses like gearboxes, machines, pumps,  construction, wind turbines, and mining equipment, power generation, engine motors, mining, drilling platforms, and transportation modes such as ship, aviation, and port cranes.

There are several distinct slide bearing types, each of which serves a unique function and is intended to support a certain kind of radial or thrust stress. Here, we’ll examine the six most common types of slide bearings: flexure bearings, fluid bearings, jewel bearings, magnetic bearings, rolling element bearings, and plain bearings. The purpose of slide bearings, also known as sliding or plain bearings, is to lessen friction between rotating, reciprocating, or sliding surfaces, such as shafts, and stationary surfaces. Slide bearings include a variety of mechanical parts that go by various names but are generally grouped as fluid-film bearings.

We at RSE, Dubai, UAE manufacture the best quality slide bearings that are usually light in weight at a competitive price and we have a deep commitment to innovation and product development. We are the trusted suppliers of slide bearings in the United Arab Emirates market. We offer linear slide bearings, miniature, heavy-duty, medium-duty, and rail plus square- or flange-type slides. Other types of slide bearings are also available and suitable for other speeds and loads. Our expert team in Dubai, UAE is there to assist your technical challenges with the best solutions. We offer the below slide bearing based on the application and your requirements: 

  • Plastic
  • Composite
  • DX POM
  • Self-lubricating
  • Bronze

Benefits of RSE FZE Slide Bearing

  • High  Accuracy 
  • Low Clearance 
  • Low Friction 
  • Precision Mounting accuracy 
  • Straight Line Accuracy 
  • Used for wide range of application
  • It’s corrosion resistant.
  • Light in weight
  • Economical
  • Compatible with standards
  • Less Wear and Tear 
  • Outstanding water and chemical resistance

Manufacturing Service for Bandage Rings

We at RSE, UAE provide premium quality slide bearings with end manufacturing standards having ISO 9001 & AS 9100 certification. We also design, engineer, and manufacture slide bearings for your exact specifications. Our slide bearings will provide a smooth, accurate straight-line design to make the operations function smoothly. All of our slide bearings are of high quality in order to better serve you.
We are the best suppliers and our products are used in industries worldwide. Our ultimate aim is to match you with the product that will perfectly suit your needs. Our products including slide bearings are tested before leaving our facilities to further ensure that you are receiving the highest quality. Our specialists helped improve their material knowledge and establish an in-depth testing process. The resulting solutions improved the interaction of all parts within the Equipment

Product Specifications

Basis Details

  • Product Name: Slide Bearings
  • Brand Name: RSE 
  • Category: Machinery Parts & Accessories 
  • Machining: Customization provided in design, weight, diameter, etc.
  • Materials Used: Stainless Steel 
  • Coating: Bright Shining Surface

About the manufacturing company

  • Industries Sectors we are catering to Chemical, Steel Industry, Electric Motor Manufacturing, Construction, Energy, and many more
  • Place of Manufacturing: Made in the United Arab Emirates
  • Markets: Available in Russia and the United Arab Emirates
  • Supplying Capabilities:  100 tons per month

Product Protection

  • Registered Trademark 
  • Guarantee and Warranty up to 1 year 
  • Refunds policies are available
  • Product Certifications
  • Inspections/Testing: Quality Control Testing, Chemical Analysis, Impact Test, Grain Structure, Hardness Test, Ultrasonic Testing 

Packaging & Delivery Details

  • Mode of Delivery: Express (FEDEX) / Air Freight / Ship Freight / a Third Party Agency recruited by our client
  • Estimated Delivery Time: Within a month (there will be changes according to the quantity)

Services Provided:

  • Trusted Shipping – We also ensure fast and contactless delivery at your doorstep at the estimated time of delivery itself
  • Guarantee and Warranty are provided to all of our products
  • We always ensure that a FREE Installation will be provided at your site at your time of convenience
  • Repair & Maintenance Services are also made available
  • Technical Assistance at your demand
  • Online Customer Services Available


Based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, RSE FZE is striving to become the number one power solutions company in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates. RSE FZE company sells products from the metallurgical industry and welding materials. Our company is the official representative of the RSE brand. The RSE Slide Bearing is made up of alloy steel material. We allow you to choose your customization regarding to the changes in the grade, size, and shape of this mechanical product or you can also order the slide bearings in bulk by contacting us. We are the topmost suppliers who will deliver you the highest quality at the best prices.

Our forged parts are of outstanding quality and are used in industrial applications including pumps, generators, and turbines. All RSE FZE Company forgeries are put through independent, accredited lab testing, followed by the registration of certifications and test results. If you are looking for advanced quality power engineering products, RSE, Dubai, UAE will be your top preference as we manufacture the best industrial equipment and its accessories based on your custom drawing using the finest materials from our trusted suppliers.

Other Products

We at RSE, Dubai, UAE offer distinct ranges of shapes and sizes in our products according to international specifications. We also forge it according to your customized-tailored requirements.

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