Shaft for gas and steam turbine



The RSE FZE, UAE’s shaft for gas and steam turbine is a part of a gas turbine that helps in generating power through an expansion of hot gases from the turbine. The shaft for gas and steam turbines has a wide range of uses, including the propulsion of racing boats, supplemental power generation, air compression, and more. At RSE FZE, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, the shaft for gas and steam turbine is also called a drum which has blades connected to it. The movement of the shaft for gas and steam turbine’s blades depends on the moving steam and gas which officially produces energy at a high speed.

The shaft for gas and steam turbine, which rotates at the same pace as the turbine, links the turbine to the generator. In essence, the shaft for gas and steam turbine is a component of a machine used to generate continuous electricity. Shaft for gas and steam turbine simply absorbs energy from a flowing fluid and transforms it into a useful form or medium in the system it is utilized in.

The shaft for gas and steam turbine is one of the most important manufacturing parts in various industrial applications for high-end commercial customers and suppliers. The innovative methods used in our UAE’s forging steel process enable targeted compressive forces to precisely shape the forged metal component according to the customized specifications required by customers.

Benefits of RSE FZE Shaft for Gas and Steam Turbine

  • Our shaft for gas and steam turbine has more strengthen
  • Fatigue Resistance is available for shaft for gas and steam turbine
  • Increased lifespan of the product – shaft for steam and gas turbine
  • Our shaft for steam and gas turbine has the power to operate under higher pressures

Manufacturing of Shaft for Gas and Steam Turbine

RSE FZE, Dubai’s engineers expertly forge OEM shaft for steam and gas turbines. Our in-house staff of metallurgists has Ph.D. competence in grades like 706 and 718, steel, 4300 low alloys, and 400 series stainless steel. With this knowledge, we can heat, treat and forge components to lower the risk of fatigue. If you need assistance in replacing or repairing the shaft for gas and steam turbine parts, you can contact our in-house metallurgy team. Our product – shaft for steam and gas turbine is designed and manufactured to the exacting quality standard for long-term performance. The shaft for gas and steam turbine is mainly machined through turning and groove-cutting operations with drilling. Our shaft for steam and gas turbines is characterized by a variety of modular design features. We deliver a configuration optimized shaft for gas and steam turbine for your special process requirements.

A highly efficient and cost-effective product that integrates smoothly with the overall plant operations. We are delivering advanced technology products to ensure our customers are more successful,  profitable, and satisfied. Our shaft for steam and gas turbines are suitable for low-pressure and medium-pressure and possible series in the form of medium-pressure, low-pressure, and high-pressure shafts. The range of steels molten is 26CrNi3Mo2VA-A, 26NiCrMoV145, 15Mo3, 26NiCrMoV115, etc. We have experience in the production of disks for gas turbines with a power of around 150 MWt. Our capability covers multi-technology turbines and a large range of power sizes. We provide global services including Field Service work, Repairs, and Spare Parts. We also perform upgrades and overhauls for the turbines like Industrial Plants, Combined Cycles, Combined Heat And Power, Fossil Fired Steam Cycles, Geothermal Cycle, Desalination Plants, and Solar Plants.

Product Specifications

Basis Details

  • Product Name: Shaft for Gas and Steam Turbines
  • Brand Name: RSE FZE 
  • Category: Parts & Accessories under Turbines
  • Machining: Customization provided in design, weight, diameter, etc.
  • Materials Used: Stainless Steel 
  • Coating: Bright Shining Surface

About the manufacturing company

  • Industries Sectors we are catering to Chemical, Steel Industry, Electric Motor Manufacturing, Construction, Energy, and many more
  • Place of Manufacturing: Made in the United Arab Emirates
  • Markets: Available in Russia and the United Arab Emirates

Product Protection

  • Registered Trademark 
  • Guarantee and Warranty up to 1 year 
  • Refund policy
  • Product Certifications: ISO
  • Quality Control Testing: Chemical Analysis, Impact Test, Grain Structure, Hardness Test, Ultrasonic Testing
  • Standard inspections

Packaging & Delivery Details

  • Mode of Delivery: Express (FEDEX) / Air Freight / Ship Freight / a Third Party Agency recruited by our client
  • Estimated Delivery Time: Within a month (there will be changes according to the quantity)

Services Provided:

  • Trusted Shipping
  • Fast and Contactless Delivery at your doorstep
  • Offering FREE Installation at your site 
  • Repair & Maintenance Services
  • Technical Assistance at your demand
  • Online Customer Services Available


RSE FZE, Dubai is striving to become the number one forging solutions company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is one of the most successful companies in manufacturing the best quality RSE FZE Shaft for Gas and Steam Turbines. We ensure that our high-quality products are dispatched properly to meet the requirements of our domestic and foreign suppliers and users. We have a separate Product Research & Development Department, with a lot of engineers and technicians who are involved in making innovative engineering products for our clients. Our company values its stakeholders: customers, suppliers, employees, and other business partners.

We not only trade our products in the Dubai market but also in the international market. Besides the shaft for gas and steam turbine we have a wide range of product lines which is made available to the customers in custom made specifications. If you are looking for advanced quality forging products, RSE FZE, the United Arab Emirates, will be your top preference as we manufacture the best industrial equipment and accessories based on your custom drawing using the finest raw materials from our trusted suppliers.

Other Products

We at RZE, Dubai, UAE offer distinct ranges of shapes and sizes in our products according to international specifications. We also forge it according to your customized-tailored requirements.

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