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Sustainable Future RSE FZE

In this picture, you can see the difference between Then Vs Now Dubai – How is the Country developing sustainable solutions (Dubai: A Sustainable and Smart City to live in) to make Dubai a happy place to live for everyone who is looking for a sustainable future? The energy efficiency in UAE has made this achievement.

We at RSE FZE play an important role in contributing to a sustainable future in the Middle East Region, which can be seen through our innovations, strategies, and partnerships with the Ultra Mega Power Projects. We aim to become an active participant with the UAE Government to achieve the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.

With the rising oil prices and global energy industry investments, many countries are into the transition towards a sustainable future. Although many other countries are trying to achieve this objective, the UAE being one of the largest oil producing countries is shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy is commendable.

As far as Covid – 19 a global pandemic hitting our lives from the year 2020, the word sustainability has grabbed the attention of each and every person with climate change playing an important role. The need for transformation in the industries has never been so urgent.

We feel businesses also have an equal amount of responsibility to help the world transform from the old and outdated carbon and harmful emission types of machinery. Do you think they are ready to challenge themselves by taking up this initiative toward a sustainable future? With everyone realizing the importance of renewable energy and a sustainable future businesses are also concentrating more on the power and energy industry with a clean form of energy. Some of the advancements can be seen in the demand for gravity batteries for water, wind and solar energy storage, more electric vehicles (EVs) in demand, and the increase in offshore wind energy investments leading to more and more floating wind turbine (history of wind turbines). Besides the wind turbine, solar energy and hydraulic turbine are also in demand. 

In a survey conducted by Deloitte, they gathered a total of 2000 C – Suite Executives from 21 countries to examine whether business companies and their leaders are really aware of climate change and environmental management solutions toward sustainability and what are they taking any actions to resolve this issue. The results claimed that 89% of the participants agree with the alarming situation of the climate throughout the world and they are working on introducing the concept of sustainability in terms of seawater desalination, green buildings (smart buildings in UAE), and smart cities.

RSE Sustainable Future Strategy

At RSE FZE, we follow a sustainable strategy that ensures to create long-term value with the business industrialist and our engineers strive to make innovations, so that they can satisfy them and empower the world as a whole. The three pillars of our sustainable strategy include:

  1. Innovating the technologies
    1. Providing Solutions to global problems – We come up with 100% regular updated products that help to increase efficiency in the manufacturing processes of our clients.
    1. Greener Technology – It’s a carbon-free and an eco – friendly product.
  2. Protecting the people and the planet
    1. Climate: Reduce harmful emissions and generate electricity from a renewable source of energy like wind.
    1. Health and Safety: When an industrialist uses this product, the health and safety of the people are assured by us.
  3. Empowering Everyone
    1. Diversity: We welcome power engineers to work with us irrespective of their caste, race, religion, etc.
    1. Satisfaction: We ensure all the employees, stakeholders, and clients working with us are satisfied

RSE Key Objectives

  • Reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2), which is emitted through various ways like energy consumption and transport (low carbon emission)
  • Reduce Environmental Pollution (environmental issues)
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of living organisms
  • Creating a social value in the communities
  • Supporting a high level of engagement toward integrity

We innovate the technologies today to shape tomorrow’s future

RSE striving to become a market leader company in providing power systems engineering solutions in the West Asia Region supports the vision of the Bill Gates company – Breakthrough Energy to bring innovations that will help businesses to build, grow and scale themselves and introduce reliable, renewable and affordable energy to the world.  Our framework for innovation arises by focusing on the right ideas.

What’s New in RSE FZE? Is a movement we begin today at RSE FZE to look at the possibilities of inventing something new and how will it help in transforming ourselves towards a sustainable future. We are expertized in the forging industry, delivering the best mechanical forged parts in the industry through various types of forging methods (closed and open die forgings) according to the industrial needs. Also in the forging vs casting industry, applications of abrasive blasting and mechanical seals are dominant. To learn more about us, send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible. Tell us your view in the comment section below. We would love to hear out your voice and opinion on this! 


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