Rising Oil prices further to grow Renewable Energy

Rising Oil prices further to grow Renewable Energy in Gulf Countries

H. E. Suhail Al Mazrouei had declared on Wednesday that the cost of the oil is going to…

Hydraulic Turbine

Hydraulic Turbine Market (2022): Understanding the opportunities and challenges

Worldwide Hydraulic Turbine Market is expecting to reach $1.5 Billion Market in the year 2027. ..

Abrasive Blasting - Making your used jet engine parts look newer

A Technique used by Airline Industry to Reimburse Jet Engine Parts

Abrasive Blasting is a technique/method or a process of reimbursement of industrial …

Open Die Forgings - RSE FZE

Open Die Forgings vs Closed Die Forgings: Which is Better?

A piece of metal is bent between many dies that do not entirely surround it in the process..

Closed-Die-Forgings-Types of Forging Methods

6 Types of Forging Methods: Your Best Guide to Forging Processes

Metals are molded and formed utilizing compressive forces during the metal forging processes….

Environmental Management Solutions

Environmental Management Solutions

The concept of environmental management solution is to process and practice an…

Portable Wind Turbine

Emerging Next-Gen Wind Turbines in the Coming Future - 21st Century

With the growing demand for wind energy, there is a huge scope for future emerging …

Forging vs Casting Which is Better

Forging vs Casting: Which is Better?

I’ve been asked this topic about forging vs. casting numerous times …

Mechanical Seals Explained Meaning, Applications and Market Growth

Mechanical Seals Explained: Meaning, Applications and its Market Growth

Mechanical Seals is one of the most rapidly growing segments as many …..


UAE strategizes to supply Low Carbon Emission Energy to Japan

H. E. Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, a member of the UAE Federal Cabinet, Minister of Industry …..

Gravity Batteries - A Energy Transition Solution to Renewables

Gravity Batteries: A Energy Transition Solution to Renewables

One of the most critical problems about our energy transition to renewables is how to store….

How will EV's dominate the Transportation and Forging Industry

How will EV's dominate the Transportation and Forging Industry

Both established automakers and recent startups are actively pursuing…..

Power Systems Engineering

What is power engineering| An Intro to PE Basics

Power engineering is a part of electrical engineering that deals with the designing…

Sustainable Future RSE FZE

RSE FZE helps in Creating a Sustainable Future

In this picture, you can see the difference between Then Vs Now Dubai …

Dubai - A Sustainable and Smart City

Dubai: A Sustainable and Smart City to live in

The urban area significantly increased in size between 1975 and the present,….

History of Wind Turbines

How did Wind Turbines transform from the Early Centuries to Becoming the Modern Technology

We all have seen how wind turbines have reshaped the world and helped ….

Global Energy Industry to hit $2.4 trillion 2022

Global Energy Investments to hit $2.4 trillion in 2022: IEA Report

The power and energy industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world…

Offshore wind energy investments

Offshore Wind Investment to reach $102 Billion by 2030: Rystad Energy

There has been a huge jump to offshore wind investments across the globe…..

Power and Energy industry in MENA Region

The Rise of Power and Energy Generation Industry in the MENA Region

The majority of industrial products require a lot of knowledge …

Cybersecurity in Energy Sector

Why is cyber security becoming important in the Energy Sector?

Energy is the lifeblood of civilization, and there are numerous obvious links between ….

renewable energy reshaping the world's climate

Renewable Energy can reverse the effects on Climate Change

Every country on every continent is feeling the effects of climate change….

Environmental Issues in the GCC Countries

Innovative Solutions and Technologies resolving the environmental issues in the GCC Region

Climate change is one of the most prominent topics that has gained attention …..

Rising Oil prices further to grow Renewable Energy

Largest Oil Producing Country to invest in Renewable Energy

A report by Wall Street Journal, a leading US newspaper claimed that (UAE),…

UAE shift to Renewables for Sea Water Desalination

UAE’s Adoption to Renewables for its Sea Water Desalination

The UAE uses about 740 cubic meters of water per person annually (m3 pcpa),…

Smart Buildings UAE - Green or Sustainable Buildings - Water Efficiency, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Building Energy Efficiency with Smart Buildings in UAE

The idea seeks to promote inhabitant wellbeing while lessening buildings’ negative effects …

Energy Efficiency in UAE: A Lead to Sustainable Future

Energy Efficiency: A Lead to Sustainable Future in Dubai

Dubai is just getting hotter day by day and this is due to the climate change …

Floating Wind Turbine

The Growing Popularity of Floating Wind Turbine

Hundreds to thousands of Wind Turbines are present on the wind farm. …

Rising Steel Prices create a significant impact on Forging Industry

Forging Industry to See a Wave of Rising Steel Prices from July 1

A fresh data released by Steel Mint mentioned that steel prices have hiked as never before….

Share of Wind and Solar Energy in Global Electricity Demand

How is wind and solar power creating a significant impact on global electricity demand?

According to a report from climate and energy think tank Ember……

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