Innovative Solutions and Technologies resolving the Environmental issues in GCC Region

Technologies resolving the environmental issues in GCC

 Technologies resolving the environmental issues in GCC

Environmental issues in GCC – Climate change is one of the most prominent topics that has gained the attention of millions of people due to the rapidly increasing sea levels and temperatures breaking the record every year with the extreme weather conditions indicating a harsh survival for all the living organisms in the coming future. These factors have given rise to numerous environmental issues in GCC countries like carbon emissions, air pollution, limited oil resources, and waste generation.

With the rise in global energy industry investments and offshore wind energy investments done in renewable and clean energy, most countries can tackle environmental problems. It is very important that organizations, government, and the common people take collective action in protecting and restoring the environment for our future generations. It is also crucial to answer some of the frequently asked questions like – 

  • How do our solutions affect the environment? 
  • Which technologies can solve environmental issues?

Your Actions Determine Your Future:

According to the World Bank, one of the largest oil producing countries, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) accounted for up to 20.8 metric tons of CO2 emissions in the year 2018. The carbon outflows in the country happened through several gaseous, solid, and liquid fuel consumptions, construction of buildings, power and energy industry utilization, increasing industrialization and urbanization, growing population, and a variety of public transportation services like the Dubai Metro, RTA Taxis and Buses, Dubai Tram, Monorail as well as vehicles owned privately.

In response to this situation, RSE FZE is pioneering in manufacturing machinery parts and accessories that are required components for a carbon neutral and renewable way of generating power from the cleanest sources of energy like water, wind and solar energy. We are a well-reputed company in the forging industry (forging vs casting). Our company has experienced staffs in power systems engineering. Our product ranges include rotating blades, shafts, retaining rings, rolling mill rolls, slide bearings, cylinders, and mechanical seals that are used in machining technologies such as turbines (hydraulic turbine, wind turbine, floating wind turbine) and generators. 

Our innovative and patented solutions bring you the best in quality manufacturing parts that are easy to maintain thus reducing the repairing cost in comparison to competitors who are present in the Middle East Region. The industry is providing repair solutions like abrasive blasting and storage solutions like gravity batteries. We have an ambitious plan of making our products reusable and recyclable. This will not help in reducing 70% of the cost for all our business clients, but also these products like blades are becoming more sustainable as you do not need to dispose of them regularly which results in the amount of waste collected in the UAE.

The advantages we offer you are countless, as the Founder and CEO of the company shares, “The trust and the amount of faith and belief that our clients show in us is incredible. Partnering with us has resulted in them a total reduction of cost in the complete lifecycle of the product. The most amazing element here is that we provide you with customized tailored equipment suited to your site conditions. We are the leading power engineering company in the UAE.”

Fighting Against PFAS

PFAS in full form is a Polyfluroalkyl substance. It is a chemical that is widely used by industries in manufacturing commercial applications as well as everyday products. It originated in the year the 1930s. These substances do not break down; neither do they react with the environment’s surroundings like soil, water, and air. PFAS has harmful effects on the environment as well as on living organisms like humans and animals.

In recent times, this chemical is to be found everywhere and it causes serious health problems such as liver damage, thyroid, obesity, hormonal changes, reduction in fertility, cancer, and high cholesterol in the human body. It also affects the quality of water and air, which pressurizes the necessity of cleaning our environment from such a human-made toxin chemical substance.

At RSE FZE, we believe in providing a sustainable future with the products our engineers and scientist working to adopt a technology that would minimize or remove PFAS while manufacturing its metal machinery equipment.

Resolving environmental issues in GCC : Go Green Dubai

From the advancements in the technologies through the above two solutions mentioned, we are about to achieve our goal of revolutionizing the technology that makes a difference and resolves environmental issues in GCC.

Each organization wants to achieve its own environmental management solutions. They are consistent in identifying, evaluating, and reviewing ways for improving and implementing their environmental performance. Understandably, our clients and the communities in Dubai stand on removing dangerous pollutants from our environment and preventing further contamination. Energy efficiency in UAE is implemented with various strategies like smart buildings in UAE, promoting electric vehicles EVs, and ensuring low carbon emission through renewable energy resources (history of wind turbines). Also, it is known for Dubai: a sustainable and smart city to live in. It’s a positive start toward preserving our world and, hopefully, improving the environment for the coming generations. However, it takes dedication and increased teamwork from everyone – communities, the public and commercial sectors, consultants, engineers, and scientists alike.


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