RSE FZE Renewable Energy harnesses the clean, emission free and the earth’s vast resources such as the advantage of the wind which is abundantly available to produce the green electricity to Dubai, a country with the biggest economy and diverse communities.


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With more renewable energy infrastructural developments taking place in UAE, RSE FZE is bringing significant investments and advancements in its forging solutions for all the green energy technologies.

This clean energy comprises of wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower and biomass. We use OEM in our manufacturing process, so that there is no compromise in our machinery accessories and components. Through our machining, we hope to make Dubai a sustainable city.
We design energy solutions with an entrepreneurial spirit and an ambitious approach to provide our industrial and commercial customers across the United Arab Emirates with market-leading value. Renewable energy is the cleanest form of generating electricity for the power generation industry. It is grabbing the attention due to the depletion of convention energy as the rate of consumption was much
higher that its supply rate. Among all the sources, Wind Energy has a huge potential in the renewables.
As per the report of Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), the total wind power capacity has seen a significant growth in supply electricity around 837 GW in the year 2022. This major source is helping to save the world from over 1.2 Billion tones of CO 2 annually. We couldn’t even imagine how much of these carbon emissions could have lead to destructions to our planet.

To be surprising is that Middle East is making significant contributions in its wind energy technologies along with other countries like Europe and Latin America. Gulf Countries like UAE is building wind farms and wind turbines so that it could supply electricity in a sustainable way.
RSE FZE believes that wind turbines and hydro generator and hydraulic turbines will only operate, when the components used in it functions properly. We are known for making the best manufacturing parts for wind turbines like shafts and the blades. If your business is looking for a supplier, we would be much happier to work with you and your team.



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Our objective is to assist you in achieving success in your most important projects. For everything from infrastructure, energy, and transportation to manufacturing, mining, and national defense, we produce your components using innovative techniques and forged solutions. Our years of extensive industry experience and technological expertise provide you with not just high-quality forgings, but also ideal commercial results. Markets we are serving to: Aerospace, Defence, Mining, Semi – Conductor, Gears, Bar Service Centers, Real Estate, Power Generation, Ship Building and many more

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Our objective is to strengthen our Quality Management System (QMS) in order to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

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  • Testing: Hardness Testing, Tensile Testing, Chemical Analysis, Impact Test, Grain Structure, NDT and Section Testing
  • Strict Inspections: Trained and Specialized Inspectors
  • Certifications – ISO 9001, AS9100 and NADCAP approved.