The RSE FZE, UAE’s forged cylinder comes in a broad range of shapes and sizes. Due to the forged cylinder’s resilience, strength, and resistance to corrosion, we forged hollow tubes that are excellent for use in demanding environments and elevated applications. 

We manufacture the ends of the cylinders, which might be square, butt-welded, closed, or have holes drilled in them. We produce hollow tubes in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials that can be used as a forged cylinder. These varieties are:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Nickel
  • Aluminium

Cast, machined, and modified cylinder barrels are referred to as forged cylinder barrels. Before utilizing the forged cylinder, the surface must be polished because the forging process leaves an imperfection on it. The metal is heated throughout the forging process until it is sufficiently ductile (often approximately 2200 °F) to be put to use. The forged cylinder’s surface is pounded to give it its final form. When finished, the forging cylinder’s surface is very smooth and free of flaws.

The steam engine’s piston is housed inside the cylinder barrel. The forged cylinder can handle greater pressures without breakage and are often tougher than cast cylinders. Due to the fact that the forged cylinder does not corrode or wear out rapidly from usage, they are also far more robust than these two varieties. Forging also results in the forged cylinder being lighter and less expensive compared to casting cylinders, which is a great benefit for makers of tiny gear (such as construction machinery or agricultural equipment manufacturers).

Benefits of RSE FZE Forged Cylinder

  • Cutting waste is less
  • The forged cylinder requires reduced machining
  • Increasing integrity
  • Forged cylinder saves time and cost 

RSE FZE, UAE avoids the need for extra machining, allowing clients to save time, money, and material waste as the inside diameter of the hollow is forged instead of bored from a solid bar.

By creating hollow parts, such as flange hollows, as individual parts rather than multiple parts welded together, RSE FZE, Dubai, UAE helps in cutting down time and boosts part strength for customers.

The forged cylinder has a variety of applications in various types of industries. Some are listed below:

  • Off-highway equipment for mining, construction, and materials handling.
  • Pumps and compressors.
  • Forged cylinder can be used in mechanical power transmission equipment, incl. bearings.
  • Oil field machinery & equipment is another area where forged cylinder can be used.
  • Pipeline fittings.
  • Railroad equipment & spikes.
  • Ordinance & accessories.
  • Plumbing valves, fixtures, & fittings.

Manufacturing Service for Forged Cylinders

Forming an upset shape and afterward drilling a hole through the center are always the first steps in manufacturing a forged cylinder. The material is pulled out to the desired length and OD/ID configuration when the mandrel is put into the newly produced bore.
According to the needs of the customer or supplier, we at RSE, the United Arab Emirates produce heavy wall forged cylinder in a variety of tailored combinations. The forged cylinder’s strength and endurance make them perfect for use in demanding applications and hostile settings. A forged cylinder can be made with a limitless number of OD and ID variations, comprising tapers, in addition to a straight cylindrical shape.

Product Specifications

Basis Details

  • Product Name: Forged Cylinders
  • Brand Name: RSE FZE 
  • Category: Machinery Parts & Accessories 
  • Machining: Customization provided in design, weight, diameter, etc.
  • Materials Used: Stainless Steel 
  • Coating: Bright Shining Surface

About the manufacturing company

  • Industries Sectors we are catering to: Chemical, Steel Industry, Electric Motor Manufacturing, Construction, Energy, and many more
  • Place of Manufacturing: Made in UAE (United Arab Emirates)
  • Markets: Available in Russia and the United Arab Emirates
  • Supplying Capabilities:  100 tons per month

Product Protection

  • Registered Trademark 
  • Guarantee and Warranty up to 1 year 
  • Refund policy available for any damaged or malfunction RSE FZE forged cylinder product
  • Product Certifications: ISO
  • Quality Control Testing: Chemical Analysis, Impact Test, Grain Structure, Hardness Test, Ultrasonic Testing
  • Inspections

Packaging & Delivery Details

  • Mode of Delivery: Express (FEDEX) / Air Freight / Ship Freight / a Third Party Agency recruited by our client
  • Estimated Delivery Time: Within a month (there will be changes according to the quantity)

Services Provided:

  • Trusted Shipping
  • Guarantee and Warranty up to 1 year 
  • Fast and Contactless Delivery at your doorstep
  • Offering FREE Installation at your site 
  • Repair & Maintenance Services
  • Technical Assistance at your demand
  • Online Customer Services Available


RSE FZE, Dubai, UAE is striving to become the number 1 forging solutions company in the Middle East. It is one of the most successful companies in manufacturing the best quality RSE FZE Forged Cylinders and dispatching them not only to Dubai or the United Arab Emirates customers but also to our international customers. We not only have forged cylinder in our product line, but also have lots of other essential and most required industrial forged products. We have developed a good reputation in the United Arab Emirates market which has made us the most opted supplier for various industry’s forged product requirements.

We have a separate Product Research & Development Department, with a lot of engineers and technicians who are involved in making innovative engineering products for our clients and suppliersIf you are looking for advanced quality power engineering products, RSE FZE, Dubai will be at your top preference as we manufacture the best industrial equipment and its accessories based on your custom drawing using one of the finest materials from our trusted raw material suppliers.

Other Products

We at RSE FZE, Dubai offer distinct ranges of shapes and sizes in our products according to international specifications. We also forge it according to your customized-tailored requirements.

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