Environmental Management Solutions

Environmental Management Solutions

Environmental Management Solutions: Concept

The concept of environmental management solutions is to process and practice an organization to reduce its impact on the environment and increase its operating efficiency. The environmental management solution’s main aim is to achieve the environmental goals through constant improvement of its environmental performance. Each organization achieves its own environmental goals and thereby solves environmental issues. Consistent review and evaluation can identify different ways for improving and implementing environmental performance.

This environmental management solution regulates the requirements in a systematic and cost-effective manner. It helps to improve the health and safety of employees of the organization and the public. The environmental management solution plays an important and extensive role in the impact of the environment, plant operations, and work procedures. The main impacts consist of pollution risk, impact on the landscape, hazardous material storage and handling, waste management, noise pollution, etc.

With the rising oil prices, even the largest oil producing countries are switching to clean energy to developing a sustainable future. Several steps like low carbon emission electric vehicles (EV), empowering water, wind and solar energy, etc. are taken through huge global energy industry investments and offshore wind energy investments. The forging vs casting industry also has a large impact on the environmental dimension of sustainable development. The growing popularity of floating wind turbine is in demand. High energy usage, materials resource waste, and environmental damage are common in the casting and forging industry. The manufacturing process of hydraulic turbine, wind turbine, and other mechanical parts are included in this category. Even the repair methods like abrasive blasting and mechanical seals are involved.

Environmental management solutions’ main aim or priories is on power plants which include emergency power plant solutions which include heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil, or gas.  Nearly all parts of the electricity system (power systems engineering) can affect the environment. Some of the primary factors of the environmental management solutions are:

  • Monitoring and reviewing the company’s environmental objective.

  • Ensure the employee’s environmental awareness and competence.

  • Consistently monitoring the environmental management solutions for better improvement.

It is the company’s response to the growing concern about the state of environmental impacts caused by the company or by industrial activities. We can also say that it is an extension of the quality management system. This environmental management is the basic action that the industry should take to manage and control the environmental effects. Its main aim is to reduce or minimize the environmental, health, and safety impacts on the environment. The reduction of pollution and resource consumption should be managed in parallel. Also, it should focus on developing more environmentally friendly products. A company’s environmental management solutions should include:

Environmental policy: It mainly focuses on improving environmental performance and strategies. The environmental policy requires the federal agencies to evaluate the impacts of proposed major actions on the environment and on the public. Clean energy is the main concern in environmental policy. The demand for renewable energy in the power and energy industry is getting high. Since the policies are changing rapidly, they should be updated every then and now. Make sure that all the necessary procedures are maintained to deal with any kind of accidents or emergencies and that all the sufficient needs are available at the location.

Environmental Assessment: It is an assessment of the possible impacts that a proposed project has on the environment, economic, and social aspects. The main purpose of this environmental assessment is to make sure that the environmental impacts are well taken care of while deciding whether the project needs to be forwarded. The International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) declares it as the process of identifying, predicting, and evaluating the social, environmental, and other relevant effects of the development proposals before making the final decision. The assessment is generally divided based on the company, product, and process.

Environmental Objectives: It expresses how the company is planning to develop in the future. It is very important to forecast the development of the company with improved and advanced technology.

Environmental Programs: The main aim of the environmental program is to implementation of environmental standards.

Environmental Auditing: The environmental audits of power plants generate information regarding the conditions and operation of the power plant. A site audit can include the operations and maintenance activities, a review of the equipment and system condition, and recommended upgrades. In many cases, the result of the audit serves as input for many important actions to be taken. Detailed information on all the conditions of the equipment is done during the site audit. All the findings in an audit are revived and necessary steps are taken.

Purpose of Environmental management solutions

This management solution process that a firm will abide by to increase its harmful effects on the environment. Here an environmental tool is used to make sure that the impact of the construction and operation of any organization has no adverse impact or harm on the environment. It is even sometimes called a pollution prevention solution as its main focus is preventing pollution in the environment.

Most of companies and industries should have a strong and consistent base for these solutions. The environmental management solution has also featured with normal life cycle as it needs to include this life cycle aspect for continuous improvements for the best practice of environmental management. The other major factors here also include the health and safety issues of each employee. The safety of each personnel is very important and it should be taken care of with all importance.

The exact roles and responsibilities of each employee inside an organization should be clearly stated in the environmental management solution. The review of these solutions should include maintenance programs, inspection results, and public complaints. The purpose and importance of the environmental management solution are increasing nowadays as the environmental issue is increasing day by day.

Industries and companies with quality products will be succeeded as customers require high-quality products and services and also they demand environmentally friendly products. UAE has made Dubai: A Sustainable and Smart City to live in, by implementing smart buildings in UAE and making energy efficiency in UAE.

Some of the Potential Benefits of Environment Management Solution

  • The environmental performance is improved.

  • It enhances the compliance

  • Ensuring that the resources are conserved

  • With the improvement of environmental management, securing new customers and markets.

The benefits of environmental management solutions are to reduce environmental impacts and hazards. In the long run, these will contribute to economic growth as well. Nowadays, a customer is focusing on environmentally friendly products. So if the environmental system is managed well, the company profile will also improve among the public which in turn raises the asset value.

Every company’s achievement of effective environmental management solutions demands active and positive involvement of all levels of management and requires the support of all employees. The contribution of each and every employee is very much important and essential as everything they do has an impact on both the environment and the public.


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