To meet the global energy demand, RSE FZE manufactures critical components in industrial applications that use natural resources and fossil fuels like coal, nuclear power, natural gas and oil and gas. AS we know UAE is the biggest oil producing country according to OPEC, we are making innovative technologies and solutions that would increase the supply of electricity to the home and foreign


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Fossil fuels supply power, heat, light, and other numerous constituents for items we use every day, like plastics. According to the Central Intelligence Agency, the world produces more than 66 percent of its electricity from fossil fuels, with another 8 percent coming from nuclear power. They are also relatively cheap to extract.

At RSE FZE, we are aware of how crucial is conventional energy to the power generation industry to meet the demands of the people residing in United Arab Emirates. The environment depends on crucial components operating as expected when necessary when businesses harvest, store, pipe, or ship these fuels around the planet. When quality cannot be compromised, our customers use the Forging Solutions that we produce.

Many non-renewable energy applications necessitate parts that can resist harsh conditions with minimal margin for error or failure, which is why OEMs resort to At our client’s power plant, we ensure that electrical power is generated at its highest speed. A power plant typically includes a power generator. That generator needs to be spun by something, which could be a gas turbine, a huge diesel engine, or a water wheel in a hydroelectric dam. Most of the time, a steam turbine is something that is turning the generator. To produce this steam fluid, fossil fuels like Coal, oil, or natural gases are burnt. The smoke could also originate from a nuclear power plant.

RSE FZE believes that gas and steam turbines will only operate, when the components used in it functions properly. We are known for making the best manufacturing parts for gas and steam turbines like shafts. If your business is looking for a supplier, we would be much happier to work with you and your team.



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Our objective is to assist you in achieving success in your most important projects. For everything from infrastructure, energy, and transportation to manufacturing, mining, and national defense, we produce your components using innovative techniques and forged solutions. Our years of extensive industry experience and technological expertise provide you with not just high-quality forgings, but also ideal commercial results. Markets we are serving to: Aerospace, Defence, Mining, Semi – Conductor, Gears, Bar Service Centers, Real Estate, Power Generation, Ship Building and many more

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Providing a Quality Assurance Guarantee

Our objective is to strengthen our Quality Management System (QMS) in order to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

  • Heat Treatment
  • Testing: Hardness Testing, Tensile Testing, Chemical Analysis, Impact Test, Grain Structure, NDT and Section Testing
  • Strict Inspections: Trained and Specialized Inspectors
  • Certifications – ISO 9001, AS9100 and NADCAP approved.